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Below are our faculty from the 2023 School. The 2024 faculty will post soon.


Amy Beard

Kathleen Birrane

Andrew Mais

Trinidad Navarro

Michael Wise

Commissioner, Indiana Department of Insurance

Commissioner, Maryland Insurance Administration

Commissioner, Connecticut Insurance Department

Commissioner, Delaware Department of Insurance

Director, South Carolina Department of Insurance


Maria Ailor

Andrea Baytop

Julie Fairbanks

Gwendolyn Fuller-McGriff

Russ Galbraith

Leatrice Geckler

Matthew Gendron

Paul Hanson

Jennifer Hopper

Jason Lapham

Jo LeDuc

Theresa Morfe

Joy Morton

Tim Mullen

Mary Nugent

Sheryl Parker

Paula Shamburger

Kurt Swan

Martin Swanson

Matt Tarpley

Erica Weyhenmeyer

Arizona Department of Insurance

Virginia Bureau of Insurance

Virginia Bureau of Insurance

South Carolina Department of Insurance

Arkansas Insurance Department

New Mexico Department of Insurance

Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance

Colorado Division of Insurance

Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance

Maryland Insurance Administration

Virginia Bureau of Insurance

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Georgia Department of Insurance

Connecticut Insurance Department

Nebraska Department of Insurance

Texas Department of Insurance

Illinois Department of Insurance

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