Pathable FAQs

What email do I use to join the Pathable platform for this year’s School?

Invitations to join the Pathable platform for the School were sent to the email address used when you registered on Eventbrite. If you no longer have access to this email, please contact our office ( to adjust the information used to set up your account.

I've registered, but haven't received an email from Pathable. What should I do? 

Invitations to join the Pathable platform for the School were sent to the email address used when you registered on Eventbrite. The email came from IRES Foundation <> and was sent the week of March 15. Please confirm with your IT staff that is on your company's safe list. If you're still not able to locate it, please contact our office (

How do I log in to my Pathable profile?

In order to access Pathable, you must be registered for the School. If you already registered, you will receive an email to access your Pathable attendee profile about a week before the start of the virtual event. If you are unable to locate the email and need assistance accessing your Pathable attendee profile, please contact

Pathable doesn't load when I click the link to log on - what should I do? 

We suggest trying Google Chrome's web browser if you're having issues in another browser. For more information on the system requirements for attending a Pathable event, please visit their website. If you're still having issues,, please contact

What is the URL for the Pathable site?

The web site to access our Pathable site is Note that only registered attendees will be able to gain access. 

I’ve logged into my account, now what?

Once you’ve logged in, please update your profile picture and any other information you wish to have others know about you. Ribbons have been attached to your account through the registration process to recognize your involvement and support of the School. Once this process is complete, begin exploring the platform and building your schedule for the School.

Will I need any additional software to engage in the School?

Pathable is fully integrated with Zoom and that is how attendees will view sessions. If you plan to attend the Faculty Roundtable, a Faculty Appointment, schedule a private meeting with another attendee, or if you are a speaker or moderator for a session, you will need to have Zoom downloaded to your device. If your company computer does not allow access, please plan to download Zoom on a personal computer, tablet, or cell phone for access. You can download Zoom for free at

How do I build my schedule for the School?

Once you’ve logged into your account, use the Schedule tab to access the Agenda. From this menu, you will be able to view all of the live School offerings. To add a session to your personal schedule, click the blue “+” in the top right corner of the agenda card. Click the agenda card to learn more about the session and/or view any handouts posted by the speakers. To view your personalized schedule, click the My Agenda tab in the Schedule menu.

It’s time for me to attend a session, what do I do?

If the session is already included in your personal schedule, click the session title in your agenda and then click Join Meeting. You will be permitted into the webinar/meeting room 1 minute before the start of the session. You must add a session to your personal schedule before you are able to attend.


For more information, watch this tutorial video on attending a Pathable session. 

How do I ask the speaker questions during a session? 

When viewing your session in the Pathable app, you will see a dialog box to the right of the session video feed. Session monitors will keep an eye on the questions posed under the "Chat" box (note that the chat box is public and viewable to all attendees) and feed these to the moderator during the session. The chat feature will not be monitored after the session ends. If viewing sessions directly in Zoom, the chat feature will not be monitored. 

How do I interact with sponsors during the School? 

We encourage you to interact with sponsors before, during, and after the School. Click on the "Sponsors" tab and navigate to any sponsor's "Visit Booth" button. From here you can engage in conversations, leave your business card, and interact with any of the sponsor's loaded materials. Interested in chatting with a representative? Set up a private meeting by clicking on one of the staff members profile pictures and click "Schedule Meeting".

How do I add a session to my personal/work calendar?

When you click on any agenda item under the "Schedule" tab, you'll see the "add to calendar" dropdown under the date and time of the session. Click the appropriate calendar to incorporate it for your schedule. 

I missed a session or couldn’t attend live. Is there a way to go back and watch the session?

Yes, all sessions are being recorded and posted for viewing in the original session window shortly after the conclusion of the live presentation. Content will be available for individual review within Pathable through the end of the calendar year.

Are CE credits available for the School and how are they tracked?

The School is available for up to 15 hours of continuing education credits. Each time you participate in a session (either live or recorded) your attendance will be tracked. 

How will I receive my CE credits?

Any time you attend a session, you will automatically be registered as having attended (this includes recorded sessions as well). Attendees will receive their CE reporting form via email after April 30, 2021. Forms will be emailed to each attendee using the address they have chosen to access their Pathable account. Credits will be sent to IRES after April 30, 2021 as well.